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Friday, 3 February 2017

MCX Free Tips | Gold declined by Rs 150

After four consecutive days of gains on Thursday declined by Rs 150 went to sleep. Now the price of gold went down to 29 600 rupees per 10 grams. While silver is still intact. MCX Free Tips Silver closed at Rs 450 per kg to Rs 42 650. The recent boom in gold prices have plummeted due to the purchase of domestic jewelers and retailers.

mcx free tips

So the fall in prices  
Retailers Jewelers and bullion traders said domestic demand has plummeted. This went a decline in gold prices. Although the global market rally in gold is to find support.

Silver prices rallied by Rs 450

Rs 450 went silver in the bullion market is expensive. As a result, silver ready prices went 42 650 rupees per kg. Weekly-based delivery rose by Rs 42 265 to Rs 395 per kg to close at Rs. 

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