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Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Where to Invest in Stocks if Investor Cautious on Earning

Volatility in the stock market for some time is being witnessed. Invent one in the future, many are being cautious. Seen as signs of the coming events will decide the market direction. Know what the market slowdown in investment strategy and can invest in stocks, which

where to invest in stocks

The stock market is very important for the next 4 weeks. The results of several large companies will come. However, with regard to the budget and policies of the US government will be clear. Currently, the market remains in a narrow range and is awaiting any positive trigger. Signals from the market are told that at the exit of foreign investors from the market has slowed now. The meaning is clear that foreign investors are waiting for the next trigger which he could once again plunge into the domestic market.

Banks will look at the results

According to experts, on the banks of Notbandi how much it has affected these findings will clear. The market will also look at the NPA and income. The results of the auto sector, sales have been estimated. The IT sector is seen from the results of the US policy on the market. Although the effect on the banks of the prisoner out the results of the third quarter to just feel.

Key 8300 level for Nifty

If indications are correct in the next few weeks, the market is set to pick up. 8300 is a crucial level for the Nifty. Nifty above this level becomes stable once the market is likely to rally.

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