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Friday, 14 April 2017

Due to 3 reasons Gold Price will increase in future

Gold prices has increase 1500 rs in last 30 days

Commodity Experts said  that the gold prices will continue to rise and by the end of June, gold can cross the level of 31 thousand then 1 year later. Experts also believe the investment in gold is also safe since the year's perspective.

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These reasons will continue to grow faster
  • Increasing the prices of gold in the international market will also increase the demand for physical gold in the domestic market.
  • There is less hope of increasing the interest rate by US Fed this year more than once, giving Gold support.
  • There is a demand in gold. Viewing data clearly shows that the holding in ETF also increased. 

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One more big reason is “Akshaya Tritiya” is near, people will buy in gold. The same, if placed in the lower slab, gold is also getting support from GST.  

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