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Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Silver may give 25 percent Return in 2017

This year could be more profitable to invest in silver than gold is. Experts believe that both commodity and bullion traders could outperform silver in 2017. MCX Free Tips- According to experts, there will be more demand for silver increased industrial consumption. The gold-silver ratio will improve. Rs 48 per kg of silver in 2017, is touched. In terms of 25 per cent return on the investment is expected.

The demand for silver in solar panels and electronic products will be more. The price of silver will increase in 2017. Although the first quarter the price of silver will go down, but then increase its prices by more than 20 per cent.


When shopping for silver 

Experts say that the first quarter of the financial year is difficult to have much improvement in silver. Before March 34 thousand per kilogram, prices could come by. This level would be beneficial to invest in silver. After the first quarter, the outlook for silver is better and it can outperform it further. The level of 34 thousand shoppers will get a better return. 

Gold-silver ratio is expected to rise

When gold prices rise, the price of silver more than gold increases. So, too, will be a good year in 2017 in terms of silver. So in the long term by investing in silver can get good returns.

Target1- 317
Target2- 324
StopLoss- 311.20

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  1. Very efficient information shared as the metals prices have been increased. commodity tips are also very useful if you are thinking to invest in market.


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