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Saturday, 1 October 2016

Petrol Cheaper by 28 Paise per Liter and Diesel by 6 Paise

Petrol prices have risen again. Oil marketing companies on Friday increased petrol prices by 28 paise a liter. The 6 paisa cut in diesel prices has been modest. Petrol prices in Delhi to Rs 64.21 from Rs 64.58 per liter is. 52.51 instead of Rs 52.59 for the 1-liter diesel will have to pay Rs. Prices are effective from Friday midnight since changed. Gasoline prices increased for the third time.

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Petrol price has been increased for the third time. This time has been increased by 28 paise. The last time there was a rise of 58 paise. However, on August 31 petrol price by Rs 3.38 per liter, was increased. However, like last time, this time in diesel prices have been cut too modest.

The IOC said

The country's biggest fuel retailer Indian Oil Corporation said in a statement that the price of petrol by 28 paise per liter (excluding state Levij) has been increased by 6 paise and diesel (excluding State Levij) have been cut by.

-The Type in different states, where the prices are VAT. In Delhi, 27 per cent VAT seems therefore gasoline prices have increased 37 cents per liter. 7 paise increase in diesel in the nation's capital will apply. VAT on diesel is 17.42 per cent.

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